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FortiAI: Virtual Security Analyst Revolutionizes Threat Protection for SecOps

By Damien posted 14 days ago


Today’s businesses are fully aware of the consequences of a successful cyber attack, and yet they continue to struggle to put together a cyber security strategy that can deal with them effectively. And when you ask these organizations what their biggest challenge is to responding to threats in a timely manner, the most common response is likely tied to an overburdened SecOps team that cannot fully investigate every threat alert or encounter.

Industry’s First On-Premise Deep Learning AI model

To address these challenges, Fortinet invested and built Deep Learning models, a sophisticated form of AI that emulates the neurons found in a human brain, known as an Artificial Neural Network. After many years of training and refining, Fortinet has now developed a self-learning Deep Neural Networks (DNN) based solution named FortiAI: Virtual Security AnalystTM. FortiAI is aimed at alleviating the tedious work of studying malware characteristics to identify and classify them into threat categories, and furthermore, pin-point patient zero and other subsequent infected systems in sub-seconds. It functions just like a cyber Security Analyst, but multiplied by 10.

FortiAI key highlights:

  • On-premise appliance that comes with pre-trained 6+ million malware features
  • Based on 8+ years of development and training by FortiGuard Labs
  • Powered by a patent-pending self-learning AI model based on Deep Neural Networks
  • Providing less than 100 ms of threat detection
  • Handles 10G of network throughput

FortiAI Fundamentally Changes the Role AI Plays in SecOps

FortiAI: Virtual Security AnalystTM embeds DNN that is pre-trained with 6+ million malware features. It is an on-premises appliance providing accurate verdicts for incoming threats in real time, while studying and learning new threats so it can evolve and adapt to new attacks instantaneously. The result is a tailored threat intelligence that is specific to your organization that doesn’t rely on daily AI updates from the cloud.

The wait for a truly proactive and self-learning AI security solution is over. AI can now be applied directly to any organization’s environment to scale their cyber security operations and level the playing field with cybercriminals attempting to use AI in their attack methods.

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