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Fortinet adds new tier to FortiPresence offering

By Chris posted 02-27-2019 10:43


Fortinet has released a new paid tier for our FortiPresence product.  This will allow users to store and analyze data across an entire year as opposed to the one week limit in the current free tier.  Additionally the new paid tier will remove the 5-site limit. FortiPresence is licensed on a per AP basis and is compatible with all three of our management offerings (FortiGate, FortiAP Cloud, or Dedicated Controller). For those customers using our cloud management, our paid cloud licenses for FortiAP Cloud will now include FortiPresence access.

This new offering adds a new option to our FortiPresence line of products which already includes a free tier of FortiPresence as well as the FortiPresence PRO offering which features CRM integration and customer focused campaigns.

FortiPresence represents an excellent opportunity for wireless customers to monetize their wireless network in new ways and obtain interesting insights into visitor's behaviors in the environment.  For more information on the benefits of a FortiPresense system, see our recent blog here:

More details on FortiPresence and the differences between the free and paid tiers can be found here: