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Fortinet releases new FortiWLC version 8.5 & FortiWLM version 8.4.1

By Chris posted 12-06-2018 06:38


Fortinet is releasing version 8.5 of our FortiWLC software paired with software version 8.4.1 of FortiWLM.  These versions implement Multiple PSK, LLDP discovery of neighbor devices, IPSEC communication between APs and the controller, and enhanced IPv6 support.  Additionally FortiWLM now features a built in RF Planning tool.


With Multi-PSK, a single SSID can allow generation of unique pre-shared encryption keys for each wireless user (up to 16k keys in 8.5).  This enhances the security of the network as there is no single PSK that all traffic on the network is using.  As such compromising a single PSK no longer exposes the entire network’s traffic to decryption.


LLDP discovery allows for more efficient network management by allowing the FortiWLC to be aware of its neighbors and APs throughout the environment.


In addition to these features, a new REST API has been implemented on FortiWLC.  Details on what’s available through this API can be found in the FortiWLC REST API Reference Guide.

More details on the new FortiWLC release and notes on how to upgrade can be found in the release notes:

More details on the new FortiWLM release and notes on how to upgrade can be found in the release notes: