Fortinet Announcements at AWS reInvent 2019

By Calvin posted Dec 03, 2019 10:45 AM


With reInvent coming up, there are some things that you should watch out for! Amazon's Web Services (AWS) reInvent 2019 is being held in Last Vegas, with professionals in all industries attending. With 60,000 people attending the biggest AWS conference of the year, you can expect some big announcements from Amazon in regard to their different services.


Join Fortinet this year to see demonstrations on protecting and monitoring your assets on the cloud, integration with AWS' solutions, and advance threat protection! Come talk to one of us to get more information as to how we work with AWS to help businesses of any size secure their environments on premise and on the cloud using our Security Fabric.


At this event, Fortinet is showing demonstrations releasing some new announcements that includes:


  • Support for Fortinet Managed Rules for AWS WAFV2
  • AWS CloudFormation Registry
  • VPC Ingress Routing Enhancement Support
  • FortiCWP Demonstration
  • FortiWeb Integration to Fortinet's Security Fabric Integration and Demonstration
  • Advance Threat Protection with FortiSandbox and FortiMail on AWS Demonstration
  • Fortinet's Integration with AWS' Transit Gateway Demonstration


AWS WAFV2 was released in November 2019. AWS WAFV2 is a managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution that AWS provides to customers wanting application security. Customers using existing AWS WAFV2 solution can subscribe to Fortinet's Managed Rules for AWS WAF to provide easy integration into the solution and provide OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities protection. Fortinet announce support for the new version of AWS WAF. For administrators that don't want to manage WAF policies, and is using AWS WAF for their application security, Fortinet Managed Rules for AWS WAF leverage AWS API and Fortinet's FortiGuard Threat Intelligence to provide a comprehensive protection against top web attacks.



To learn more about Fortinet Managed Rules for AWS WAF, click here.


Fortinet announced earlier this year that we are an official provider for Terraform and customers can deploy Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate the creation of things like security policies and interfaces. To add on to this, we are also announcing our support for the newly launched AWS CloudFormation registry. Fortinet is one of the few partners to integrate with CloudFormation as a resource provider. The partnership enables customers to automate the creation without using scripts later on in the application lifecycle or User Data when launching CloudFormation templates.



Read more to learn more about Fortinet's partnership with AWS and how Fortinet work with AWS to build easy solution deployments via CloudFormation


Visibility into the cloud is becoming exponentially more important. As workloads migrate into cloud datacenters and businesses start to consume the native services offered by the cloud providers, businesses need a way to granularly route ingress traffic. With AWS announcing their ingress routing service to simplify integration to security and networking services, customers can now easily and granularly route incoming traffic to specific applications. Using the ingress routing service, customers can deploy Fortinet's Security Fabric to secure their environments. For example, Organizations can route incoming traffic to FortiWeb for application security while using FortiGate for VPN and IPS.



To learn more about Fortinet's support for AWS' Enhanced Networking, click here


FortiCWP provides cloud security posture and gives workload protections for your cloud domain. As businesses begin to design their cloud architecture to work with their on premise architecture, organizations should also be aware of the consequences of launching resources in a multi-cloud/hybrid cloud platform. By distributing resources in multiple platforms, an organization's attack surface increases and visibility to resources begin to be cloudy. With every launch of a resource, organizations must ensure that they receive visibility into their cloud environment and be ensured that alerts and remediation processes are in place. With AWS having multiple services for different business functions, there still needs to be a solution that would give visibility, not only to AWS, but also to other cloud platforms in a single location. FortiCWP not only provides detailed compliance reporting for cloud resources to ensure compliancy with major standards like HIPPA, PCI, and more, but also give data analysis and threat detection to enable the security team to alert users about any malicious events and take action to remediate those malicious events. 

As complexity grows and organizations requiring faster service for a more competitive edge, security also needs to be tied in with operations and development. Rather than being a chokepoint, security should enable organizations to effectively compete without interruptions. Using a SaaS-based solution can help organizations get rid of traditional worries about patching and updating solutions and enabling them to manage day to day activities. FortiCWP gives organizations the ability to do continuous configuration assessments and prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk scores distributed to resources located by FortiCWP.


To learn more about FortiCWP, please click here


One of the things learned at AWS reInvent 2019 was that complexity is growing. Complexity is growing in all areas. At the conference, AWS did a lot of product and service announcements that covered topics like AI/Machine Learning, Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, Networking, Security, Storage, and so much more. With this complexity growing both on premise and cloud, organizations need a way to manage the different tools and also differentiate themselves in their market in the process. Traditional approach to launching a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is still being used by many companies, and there are still use cases for it like wanting to have the ability to control updates, having advance capabilities, and the ability to design a flexible architecture. As a matter of fact, Fortinet offers FortiWeb-VM as a way to protect a customer's public-facing web applications for customers that want more control in their environment. FortiWeb-VM allows customers to integrate into Fortinet's Security Fabric to gain a complete security overview. Using FortiGate, customers can integrate FortiWeb to gain a quick overview of a single user interface. For customers looking for WAF capabilities and don't want to deploy and manage virtual machines, Fortinet Web as a SaaS solution would enable companies with basic requirements to secure their web applications. FortiWeb SaaS defend web applications against known and zero-day threats enabling rapid application deployments while still address compliance requirements. With FortiWeb SaaS, you no longer need to manage virtual machines and worry about patching updates to those virtual machines on Microsoft Azure. Additionally, by launching FortiWeb SaaS , customers can enjoy award-winning threat intelligence gathered from Fortinet's FortiGuard to protect mission critical applications and safeguarding them from vulnerability exploits. Customers wanting same-region compliance and lower TCO benefits can deploy FortiWeb SaaS. With more and more businesses moving to the cloud, having a SaaS based solution like FortiWeb simplify security management and give administrators new to deploying WAFs an easy way to create and manage WAF policies.

To learn more about FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service (FCWaaS), please click here

To learn more about FortiWeb, please click here


Fortinet's advance sandboxing solution for zero day threats, FortiSandbox, is the only sandboxing solution on AWS right now that is available in a VM format. Typically vendors with sandboxing solutions only offer cloud proxied sandbox or on premise sandboxing on a physical appliance. While Fortinet also offer FortiSandbox as a physical appliance and as a service, there are use cases for having FortiSandbox as a AMI in AWS. The first is instantaneous indicators of compromise (IoC) sharing across multiple environments. By launching FortiSandbox in AWS, customers are able to instantaneously share IoC to their on-premise environments to block zero-day threats. FortiSandbox on AWS can also integrate with other Fabric Fortinet solution like FortiMail to deliver deep-analysis on zero-day threats. FortiSandbox can work with AWS services like S3 to scan for malicious files and continuously monitor for any changes within their environments. Finally, having FortiSandbox on AWS allows for a closed-network architecture and enable customers with strict requirements to have that security from within their VPCs. 

Click here to learn about Fortinet's Advance Threat Protection solution, FortiSandbox

Click here for a quick guide to start launching FortiSandbox on AWS


Launch FortiSandbox's PAYG here

Launch FortiSandbox's BYOL here

AWS Transit Gateway enables customers to have a scalable transit network that allows for more granular routing. With Fortinet's integration in AWS Transit Gateway, Fortinet is able to take the Security Fabric and extend it to AWS to protect the customer's cloud environment while still utilizing the benefits to the Transit Gateway. Fortinet's Autoscaling templates allow easy deployments that can scale to fit the customer's requirements. Using Fortinet's integration with AWS Transit Gateway, customers can do threat protection for traffic in different accounts and VPCs. Templates are available to be readily consumed the customers to automated BGP configurations and automated security policies so that customers can enjoy East-West and North-South traffic security inspection. 

By implementing Fortinet's Security Fabric and making it a part of a customer's plan for digital transformation, organizations can pace ahead of the attackers by ensuring an end to end security architecture that works with their business operations. Focusing on the business operations and customer experience rather than security event handling, organizations can concentrate on digital innovation by transforming their infrastructure and application to be more agile and compete more effectively on a global scale.

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