Announcing Fortinet Fabric Connectors: Extending Rich Fabric Capabilities to Multi-vendor Environments 

By Rajoo posted 05-22-2018 11:40


Today we announced Fortinet Fabric Connectors – an exciting expansion of our Fabric-Ready Program to drive deeper integration into partner and third-party technology platforms. Our customers with multi-vendor environments (which are the majority of enterprises worldwide) will benefit significantly from this new open integration approach to security delivered by Fortinet Fabric Connectors.


To address the complexities of today’s ecosystem and help reduce security gaps, Fortinet is expanding our Fabric-Ready Program to integrate at three different levels and extend openness of the Security Fabric to partner technologies, and also extend security visibility and management capabilities to the customer ecosystem by going deeper into multi-vendor infrastructure and applications.   These three levels of integration include:

  • Fabric API – our Fabric-Ready partners integrate into Fortinet products using the Fabric API
  • DevOps – automation scripts
  • Fabric Connectors – deeper integration into ecosystem where security automation is critical

Developed by Fortinet, Fabric Connectors provide deep integration to partner and third party technologies, using the partner’s API or specific code, to automate security in the network. There are different types of Fabric Connectors available for different parts of the network, such as SDN, public cloud, IT service management platforms, endpoint auto quarantine, IaaS visibility, and there are other types.

By automating security synchronization in a multi-vendor environment, Fabric Connectors ease the management burden, reduce reliance on manual processes and improve customer time to market. They also reduce security and compliance gaps that can be introduced when technology platforms don’t talk to each other.

To learn more about this exciting new Fabric announcement, below are links to the press release, blog, and sales assets.

Press Release on Announcement

Fabric Connectors Presentation


Fabric Connector Website Page

Fabric-Ready Alliances Website






07-16-2018 10:48

Yes, we have plans to integrate with HPE-Aruba Clearpass.  Please send me a message on Fuse and we can discuss further.


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Integration with HPE-Aruba ClearPass

Hello Rajoo, 

Are there any plans for integration with latest versions of HPE-Aruba Clearpass?