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The Challenges of Moving On

There was big news this week as rumors spread that a major company was discontinuing a well known feature. That’s right, Apple has stated that iTunes will be deprecated and discontinued. Slightly behind that was the news that Fortinet will not be supporting Virtual Cell functionality on our Wi-Fi 6 and later APs. This wasn’t an easy decision for us, and not one that Fortinet took lightly. Fortinet is very much a technology company. Innovation is in our DNA, and we’ve got entire walls here ...
Fortinet has completed release of our first APs to feature the new 802.11ax standard known as Wi-Fi 6: the FortiAP-U431F and the FortiAP-U433F. Both APs are members of our Universal line of access points. The FAP-U43xF APs are high performance tier 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 APs. Both APs are the first on the market with a flexible tri-radio design that allows for dual 5-GHz operation with client access on 2.4GHz or for operation on 2.4GHz and 5GHz while also offering 24x7 scanning on the third radio. ...
Ideal for SD-Branch data centers, the FortiSwitch 3032 offers 32 QSFP28 slots that can support up to 100 GbE. It’s high capacity 1RU form factor is also well suited to augmenting the port capacity of some of our larger FortiGates. The FortiSwitch 3032E offers a secure solution for small data centers or data center distribution with dual redundant power supplies and configuration options to support redundancy through MC-LAG for mission critical applications. Like all of Fortinet’s FortiSwitch models, ...
As data breaches continue in frequency and severity, the need to protect sensitive resources through additional user identification has become a requirement for organizations of all sizes. FortiToken Cloud is Fortinet’s first entry into the Identity as a Service Market (IDaaS) offering. It provides everything needed to implement two-factor in your FortiGate environment including FortiToken Mobile as part of the service subscription. More information can be found here:
New FortiAuthenticator 6.0 software when paired with FortiOS 6.2 enables the integration of FortiAuthenticator into the Security Fabric. Now administrators can add their FortiAuthenticator to monitor authentication services and FortiAuthenticator represented in both the logical and physical network topology views of their FortiGate. Several widgets are available which can offer valuable visibility into this extremely important aspect of network security.
Fortinet has released new FW for our Universal line of Access Points, version 5.4.6. This release adds several feature enhancements when a FAP-U is being managed by a FortiGate, including: Location Based Services Scanning functions Distributed Automated RRP Transmit power control Voice Enterprise Split tunneling For a full list of added features, please reference the release notes here:
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Fortinet has released a new paid tier for our FortiPresence product. This will allow users to store and analyze data across an entire year as opposed to the one week limit in the current free tier. Additionally the new paid tier will remove the 5-site limit. FortiPresence is licensed on a per AP basis and is compatible with all three of our management offerings (FortiGate, FortiAP Cloud, or Dedicated Controller). For those customers using our cloud management, our paid cloud licenses for FortiAP ...
As of Jan 28th 2019 we have separated out direct AP management from FortiCloud into FortiAP Cloud. This separation does not impact functionality, licensing or user accounts but will alter the way AP management is accessed. If you have AP's under management in FortiCloud, you will access FortiAP Cloud via a link at the top of the FortiCloud page or login into or with your existing FortiCloud credentials. Overall this is part of our plan for enhancing user ...
Fortinet is releasing version 8.5 of our FortiWLC software paired with software version 8.4.1 of FortiWLM. These versions implement Multiple PSK, LLDP discovery of neighbor devices, IPSEC communication between APs and the controller, and enhanced IPv6 support. Additionally FortiWLM now features a built in RF Planning tool. With Multi-PSK, a single SSID can allow generation of unique pre-shared encryption keys for each wireless user (up to 16k keys in 8.5). This enhances the security of ...

What's New with Fuse Community

Fuse Community just got a makeover. To better serve our users globally, we have upgraded the Fuse community to a new platform which provides enhanced functionality, added security and compliance. T he renewed community is the next significant step in providing our users with a unified digital space for global user engagement.  During this release, we've designed the community to help you get to the information you're looking for more quickly, discover new information that is relevant to you and ...

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