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Forbes contributor Peter High interviews Fortinet CEO Ken Xie discussing his industry vision for cybersecurity and entrepreneurial path as a founder and CEO. You can read the full article on You can access a podcast audio version here.


Some excerpts from the feature below. 

"Cyber security is a dynamic space. The user faces different challenges every year because there are always new applications and data. We estimate that in the last 10 years, data has grown more than 40 times. All the new data, applications, and e-commerce that are created have to be managed and protected. Additionally, when there is a new application, the old application is still there, and has to be protected. The key thing is being able to adapt to change quickly while at the same time continuing to improve the old functionality, especially performance."

"Fortinet’s customer base is broad; we have Fortune 500, mid-sized enterprise, and small business clients. Each business has specific needs and requires a different approach to network security. A CISO’s role is to protect important data. This is difficult because data is no longer in the traditional server room on the company’s network in a trusted environment. Today, the data is in a borderless network; it is on mobile devices, in the cloud, and part of the IoT. Additionally, a CISO who manages network security can have 20, 30, or 40 different vendors on the network. CISOs have to protect the data from inside the company using what we refer to as “internal segmentation.” Fortinet’s fabric-based infrastructure helps integrate and automate different functions and devices to provide the best security."

"Fortinet has the largest training education program in the industry. We have trained and certified over 100,000 people as network security engineers. Globally, we work with 17 universities because the biggest issue in the cyber security space is the shortage of experts. This area is growing quickly and we need many more experts to make the space more secure. Training and innovation are important."

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