News Release: New Global Relationship with Fortinet and Vodafone

Vodafone today announced a new global relationship with Fortinet to launch Vodafone Secure Network Gateway and Secure Remote User Access. These new services enable enterprise customers to buy security as a network feature, without the need for additional hardware, software or licensing - so deployment is simplified and customers are charged on an as-used basis.

You can read the full news release in our newsroom.

Read comments from Fortinet Founder, Chairman and CEO Ken Xie: 

“In today’s digital economy, enterprises are increasingly adopting hybrid architectures and cutting-edge services to best serve their customers and gain a competitive edge.  Vodafone’s new managed security services ensure that these enterprises have the confidence that their cybersecurity is as innovative as the businesses they are protecting.”

You can also find this on our company social media accounts: Twitter and LinkedIn

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