Fortinet's Mid-year Predictions Check-in with Derek Manky

Fortinet's annual mid-year check-in with Global Security Strategist Derek Manky (FortiGuard Labs) is live. This is an update to our yearly predictions rolled out at the beginning of each year. 


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Read can read Derek's blog, an article in, and a Dark Reading byline about the topic.



Technology is making our lives easier. We have access to unprecedented levels of information, resources, social media, and entertainment at our fingertips, 24 hours a day. Much of our reliance on this technology has become invisible, from traffic control systems to medical devices to applications that allow us to make and monitor financial transactions. While new classes of connected devices provide valuable services, they are being woven into an increasingly complex ecosystem of data, devices, applications, and services that we are becoming more dependent on every day.

Which is why we are also seeing a rise in the number and sophistication of attacks that are designed to target and exploit this phenomenon. Beta versions of new classes of exploits are now being regularly released into the wild. And we are seeing second and third generations of these attacks; with much more sophisticated tools and automated exploits being launched within weeks of the initial beta launch.

The process required for addressing these challenges needs to escalate. Threats are compounding at digital speeds, while resolutions, like manufacturers building security safeguards into their products, are proceeding at a snail’s pace. We need to start building security into tools and systems on day zero. We need alignment on ways to effectively see and combat new cybercrime. And we need to adopt integrated, collaborative, and automated procedures and technologies end to end to help us see and protect valuable resources moving across the expanded digital network.


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