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  • Posted in: Firewall

    Did you setup a VIP for the inbound NAT setup?  https://cookbook.fortinet.com/using-virtual-ips-configure-port-forwarding-54/ Fortinet Cookbook Using virtual IPs to configure port forwarding ...

  • Posted in: Firewall

    I've got a Fortiguard 200e with v6.0.1 and I'm trying to get a FreePBX server on the LAN port to work. I'm unable to receive incoming calls. My SIP provider indicates that when they send a call our way, our server is unresponsive. We are running FreePBX ...

  • Posted in: VPN

    Hello, Has anyone had issues with Forticlient 6.0.1? Currently our firewall is running 5.6.4 and most of the users are with this major release of Forticlient. The IPsec profile is default with the exception of using localid. It is working without issues ...

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    Radius User Group mapping problem

    Posted in: Authentication

    Hello everybody, I have a Fortinet VM-64 (version v5.4.7,build6446 ) to provide SSLVPN service. My customer provides a radius server for SSLVPN authentication. But their radius server can't response group information when doing authentication. So I create ...

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    RE: AP832i Setup

    Posted in: Wireless

    Hi Jack, The AP832i is an ex-Meru AP. It is not a Universal AP hence cannot be managed by FortiCloud or FortiGate. It can only be used with a Fortinet Wireless LAN Controller. If you need a Fortinet Wireless Controller VM (FWC-VM) please let me know ...

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    AP832i Setup

    Posted in: Wireless

    Hey All, Just purchased 3x AP832i online had having some issues getting them to talk to the Fortigate VM that I set up to test it all. Idealy I would prefer to set them up in a standalone mode, but I don't think that is possible. Please correct me if ...

  • Posted in: VPN

    Hi, As per my knowledge, there is no such option but you can make Signature based SSL Site to Site VPN between two FortiGate devices. But same time, I don't think, your ISP has blocked these ports becuase its required for business or home VPN ...

  • Posted in: Firewall

    Isn't the security profiles block this? Eg APP CTRL?  Look for the app or use block proxy. I think this will do the trick. /odd ------------------------------ Odd [LastName] [Designation] IT Security Specialist / Senior IT Consultant [CompanyName] [City] ...

  • Posted in: Firewall

    How many do you need? In most of our cases 3 is enough. Two fiber or copper and one 4G. /odd ------------------------------ Odd [LastName] [Designation] IT Security Specialist / Senior IT Consultant [CompanyName] [City] [State] [Phone] ------------ ...

  • Posted in: VPN

    My ISP block internet port 500, 4500. So normal VPN setup is not work.  Would you mind help me to change port 500, 4500 for site to site VPN. ------------------------------ Jonathan [LastName] [Designation] Student [CompanyName] [City] [State] [Phone] ...

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